The Arsenal Nights Festival is one of the most interesting summer music events in Wrocław. It is staged right in the heart of the city, but far away from the noise, in beautiful scenery, in the open air but at the same time in perfect acoustic conditions…

by Adam Domagała
(Gazeta Wyborcza/Wrocław, 27.06.2003)


Let us begin from the Arsenal Nights. This Chamber Music Festival features the best music performed by best artists among historic walls where the concerts are accompanied by birds singing from the roofs of surrounding towers and buildings. Can you dream of a better place to listen to music?

by Wojciech Dzieduszycki
(Wieczór Wrocławia, 11.07.2003)


The Festival was a time where every detail added to our enjoyment, including a gong, placed at a beautiful well, inviting for performances; and modern tents which provided shelter from the rain and which were flirting with ancient atmosphere of the surrounding; and also lamps at the stands of musicians while the audience was surrounded by half-darkness.

by Magdalena Talik
(Gazeta Wyborcza/Wrocław, 08.07.2002)


The second major festival of classical music, after Wratislavia Cantans.

by Alicja Zalewska
(Gazeta Wyborcza/Wrocław, 17.07.2001)