Michał Walczak


guitarist, composer and arranger. Founder and co-leader of the band BlackBird, also leading the Walczak/Lamch/Parker Trio. He graduated from Jazz and Entertainment Music Department of the Academy of Music in Katowice. Awarded at the Jazz Juniors festival in Cracow and Guitar City festival in Warsaw, he was also granted the scholarship of the President of the City of Czestochowa. He wrote music for Adam Mickiewicz Theater in Czestochowa and composed songs to the lyrics of Andrzej Kalinin, Robert Doroslawski, Jan Wolek. He has worked with Arek Skolik, Jose Torres, Bernard Maseli, Pawel Tomaszewski, Olek Klepacz, Krystyna Pronko, The Film Harmony Orchestra. A permanent member of Piotr Machalica’s live band, Michal prepared all arrangements for “My beloved Mlynarski” concert.