Telmo Pires


The energy of a Rockstar combined with the intimacy of a stage actor: this is Telmo Pires. A poet, composer and one of the few men in the international panorama of the Portuguese “soul-music”: Fado.


The Portuguese singer with the expressive voice, belongs to a new generation of interpreters who bring Fado, which had emerged from the neighborhoods close to the docks of Lisbon around the end of the 19th century, up to date and taking the broad spectrum of contemporary popular music into account, Fado becomes an authentic expression of their current awareness of life.


Born in Portugal, raised in Germany and living in Lisbon: Telmo Pires embodies the ideal of a modern European.


After having released three albums in Germany (“Canto”, 2001, “Passos”, 2004 and “Sinal” 2009), he started the recordings of “Fado Promessa” in Lisbon in 2011. Including some of the most well-known fado musicians and also producer Davide Zaccaria himself on cello and in charge of the arrangements.


His last album “SER FADO”/ “Being Fado” is the peak so far of the extraordinary career of a remarkable artist.


Telmo is an outstanding performer. He is beautiful with a radiating personality and masculinity. His appearance captivates with its elegance, sensuality and energy. So different to the established image of the classical male fado protagonist.


His lyrics touch upon everything that life consists of. Melancholy and passion, vigor and fragility. In his words, “Fado is about the human experience, it just happens to be from in Lisboa”.


Telmo Pires, a European born in Portugal sets off to rediscover the traditions of the Lisbon song and carry it into the world – the traditions of an old Fado, that always sounds new in his voice.