Carlos Piñana


Carlos Piñana has found his identity and unique position in the world of Flamenco music. His work is a combination of successful syncretism between his classical and flamenco education. Carlos Piñana’s music is comprehensive and covers nearly all the trends that flamenco guitar is developing at the moment, which says a lot about Piñana’s technique and accomplishments.


There is the fact that brings together all his compositions as they have this unique Carlos Piñana sound. They are all pervaded by the lyricism of the romantic conception of a dreamer and an idealist, who has chosen flamenco guitar as a way of self-expression. Carlos Piñana reveals himself as a guitarist of outstanding inspiration, capable to unite several qualities like technique, composition, and dynamic with wise and balanced deliberation, restraint, exquisite taste in esthetic criteria, and fervent sensibility without falling into sentimentality.


Carlos Piñana is perfectly able to sustain his position in the illustrious avant-garde group of flamenco guitarists to which he belongs honoris causa.



photo: Artist’s archives