Stanisław Soyka


Vocalist, instrumentalist and composer. He is described as a “musical animal”. He is constantly changing, improvises a lot, and yet you can recognise his compositions after just a few first sounds. He is extremely charismatic and easily wins the hearts of his audiences. He considers himself a happy man. He appreciates what he already knows, but is fascinated by the possibility of further development. He claims that as he gets older, music brings him even more joy, which he wants to share with his listeners.


Stanisław Soyka has been one of the greatest artists of the Polish music scene for years. He composes and sings songs about love and the lack of it, songs of longing and fulfilment, but he does not run away from the great problems of today. His oeuvre includes more than 30 albums, several of which have achieved multiplatinum releases. He has never given in to fads and trends.


He has developed his own musical language, which makes him one of those artists whose style is recognisable from the very first sounds and whose rich repertoire can be dizzying. He has written dozens of original songs, but it is hard to ignore the fact that he has composed music to many poems by Polish poets… and not only.


Stanislaw Soyka is an artist who has always followed his own path, who has not flattered fashions or trends, but also has not charged headlong into the musical canon. More often than not, he was simply next door, in the company of fans who liked his aesthetics, sensitivity and courage to seek out new challenges. After all, his career has also had jazz shades when he sang in the band Extra Ball, stage shades when he played his great hits, including “Tolerancja (na miły Bóg)” or “Cud niepamięci”, poetic or even sacred.


photo: Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska