The Grott Orchestra


The Grott Orchestra is a family, multi-generational ensemble created by siblings: oboist and cultural manager Kama Grott-Tomaszek and bassist, composer and arranger Michał Grott.


The Grott Orchestra was responsible for the musical setting of the “Great Caroling with Polsat” in 2019-21, the Marian Concert “Let’s Sing to the Queen of Angels”, the concert “Polsat Foundation: 25 years. We are for children”, the BohaterON Gala in 2021 and 2022, concerts at Earth Festival Uniejów 2022, Polsat SuperHit Festival, the POLSAT Television 30th Anniversary Gala, the “100 years of Disney” concert and many others.


During the pandemic, at the invitation of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, they created a series of online concerts entitled: “Musical Postcard” as well as the musical setting of the #JednymGłosem projects commemorating the 76th and 77th anniversaries of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. In 2020, the ensemble invited Stanisław Soyka to collaborate, and this is how the concert project “Soul” was created, which presents selected compositions by Soyka in special arrangements by Michał Grott, with the composer himself as the concert soloist.


The orchestra cooperates with the Clean Poland Programme Association, for which it created the musical setting of the TV programme “Clean Poland”, the latest spot campaign and the association’s anthem “Psalm for the Earth”. The anthem of the association entitled “Psalm for the Earth” (lyrics: Jacek Cygan, music: Michał Grott), which is performed by Kasia Mosek, the Sound’n’Grace choir accompanied by the Grott Orchestra.


The Grott Orchestra is active in the local community in organising cultural events. Since 2022, the ensemble has hosted the original chamber festival “Rokola – festival on the grass”, a series of musical performances promoting the culture of Urzecz – “Śpiewanki nad Świdrem” – and concerts for the youngest audience, including “Kram z literami – opowieść muzyczna”.


photo: Magdalena Wdowicz-Wierzbowska