João de Sousa


Born in Portugal, has been living and working in Poland since 2006. A respected vocalist, guitarist and composer. His Lusophone roots significantly influence the music he creates and performs, although his fascination with other genres – jazz, world music or alternative music – freely distances him from fado. He looks for inspiration everywhere – In electronic music, hip-hop, reggae – transforming their elements into his own unique musical language. He has collaborated with, among others: Andrzej Smolik, Mikromusic, Dorota Miśkiewicz or Ariel Ramirez. He has four albums to his credit. His songs have been included on cult compilation albums: “RAM Café” or “Siesta” by Marcin Kydryński.





Paweł Szamburski – clarinet

Tomasz Pokrzywiński – cello

Michał Górczyński – bass clarinet


Bastarda is an ensemble formed by Paweł Szamburski (clarinet), Tomasz Pokrzywiński (cello) and Michał Górczyński (bass clarinet). The group has publishing and community ties to the Lado ABC label, and is also a partner in the international HERA research project “Sound Memories. The Musical Past in Late – Medieval and Early Modern Europe”. The artists make a bold attempt to reinterpret early music and create an original sound language based on it. Centuries-old chorale chants, motets and litanies are often broken up into small sections, the ever-changing counterpoint of early polyphony implodes into minimalism. By improvising around archaic melodies, composing and arranging entirely new pieces based on them – the musicians build a bridge between distant musical worlds in time and reach their universal, spiritual dimension. Bastarda’s music is a contemporary, original and very personal statement supported by rich musical traditions.


photo: Mikołaj Starzyński